Yesung , ‘SPAMALOT’ casting “Will show what a true musical actor is !”

Asia’s Best Idol group Super Junior’s Yesung has been casted for the musical “SPAMALOT”

After their debut in 2005 , Yesung received the title ” the voice of an artpiece/masterpiece” and is also in charge as a lead vocalist in his group. With an independent and good voice he has been loved by many.

From Korea and now even capturing Asia, although they are a big group, his dream for acting has continuously been growing, the first musical he challenged last year “NamHanSanSeong” he performed something which was above expectations and received a lot of compliments. Followed by “HongGilDong” , audiences reaction after watching it were , ‘can’t wait to see his next musical’ and received a lot of compliments, he now is a rising star in the musical world.

This 2010′s next musical for him will be a Broadway comedy musical “SPAMALOT”. As a musical actor this will be a important “tiptoe” [step] for him.

This is a story about King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table going on a journey to find the Holy Grail made into a comical version, “SPAMALOT” . With above expectations of parodies, you cant help but to laugh at scenes, not like the usual musical with and as usual with love stories, and boring and unrealistic storylines, this is a piece of work which even received a grand prize in the 2005 “TONY” awards.

In this musical, the role Yesung has “RobinKyeong” is not only one of the hardest roles [in singing “octaves”], but a scene which will make the audience even ‘crawl’, the highlight scene of “Phantom of the Opera” will be parodied and acted out.  A character which only someone with good acting and vocal skills can handle, in America, Broadway this role was taken by American Idol’s star , Clay Aiken.

Yesung said ” The know-hows which i have learnt by doing the 2 musicals, i will use those as my background and show what a true musical actor is.”

On the other hand, Yesung is prepareing for the “SM TOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR” which will kick off on the 21st in the Olympics Stadium.

Credit: THE STAR
Translated by: teukiebiased @
Take out with full credits

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